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in the headlines, major development to keep a burning propane tanker from exploding and leveling a northern california town. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where barry bonds will ask a judge to set aside his conviction for obstruction of justice. he doesn't think he broke a law when he ram nld on and on to a grand jury. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the brand-new apple store in berkeley, the man who brought you the iphone, stepping down as ceo of apple.
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steve jobs is out. we're going to talk about why he left and we're going to talk about the old boss and meet the new boss. here is a look from mount tamalpais this morning, a lot of clouds. this only way you'll see the sunrise. drizzle for your morning commute. cooling trend deepens in your forecast. >> good morning, i'm sue hall. newark, we could have possible delays. more on that in just a few minutes. thanks for joining us. kristen is off today, i'm eric thomas. >> we begin in placer county in the town of lincoln where 4,000 evacuees are headed back to their homes after fire crews snuffed out a massive tanker fire that has been bunk for days. families were evacuated because fire officials were concerned that the tanker could explode and level everything within a mile of the fire. now, lincoln's fire chief says the blaze burned itself out
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overnight but there is still propane inside the tank. crews plan to shoot water on the tanker for the next several hours. here is a look at the fire scene this morning. you can see fire officials say that it has burned itself out. they are standing in fact around the tanker car. there is no longer a threat of a major explosion but it is not clear how the fire started on that tanker on tuesday. just hours from now, former giant's slugger barry bonds was for a pitch to federal judge. he will try to convince him for throwing out his conviction of obstruction of justice. amy hollyfield has the story. this revolves around rambling. >> reporter: this is a big one. he is convicted of a crime that he does not want twoontd be. he wants it to be set aside. as a convicted criminal. barry bonds looks like he is
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doing okay. he made a rare appearance at giants' game and looked like he was in a good mood. he held up a ball they signed and gave him. bonds was convicted in april of obstructing justice because of what he said to a grand jury. he was asked whether his former trainer ever gave him ig that required a syringe. he rambled on and on. they called it evasive and jury decided to convict him. his defense attorney says unauthorized rambling is not a crime. the jury did understand the charge so the judge will have to consider all of this as she is asked to set the conviction aside. prosecutors have a big decision to make, whether to retry him for a perjury. the jury was hung on the perjury charges and did he layered a mistrial. no word on whether the prosecutors will decide to make a decision on what they plan to do on those charges.
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big day in court today for mr. bonds as he tries to get that conviction set aside. this is apple's first full day of 21st century without steve jobs in the boss's chair. cofounder stepped down as ceo and today reaction is rolling in. terry mcsweeney is live in berkeley. the most important reaction will be on wall street. >> reporter: wall street, we'll find out what they are thinking in half an hour. overnight trading, stock down about 5%. most of the speculation why he is stepping down centers around his medical condition. he is a cancer survivor. he had a liver transplant in 2009. he says in his resignation letter he has always said when the time came, he couldn't fulfill the duties of ceo he would step down. then he goes on to say, quote,
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unfortunately that day has come. that is why there is speculation about his health. take a look at the man that made apple what it is today. number one tech company in the world. a man called a modern day thomas edison and greatest leader the tech industry has ever known. has been a health issue but we'll find out that later. the new boss is the former chief operating officer for apple, man who took over as ceo during a leave of absence by jobs. new chief is tim cook. what will apple look like with cook in. >> cook is doing the day to day stuff while steve jobs was still involved with apple but not with the intensity that he used to zblb tim cook is not the next steve jobs. he is the guy that steve jobs' play book and he is going to do what is involved in the short term. >> just last week when they
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opened the store, new apple store and crowds were crazy as they always are at apple events. they waited for hours to be the first one through the door. there was no new product. there may be one in the next couple of months. that is good news for apple shareholders because it looks like there is enough in the pipeline for the foreseeable future to keep things rolling. iphone 5 coming up in the next few months. still it is trading about $357 a share. in half an hour we'll find out what the folks over on wall street think about steve jobs is out. he is still chairman of the board but the ceo, day to day hands on person like he has been. we posted steve jobs' resignation letter along with
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the tweets reacting to the news. that is at the f.b.i. and pinole police are trying to determine if two men involved in a deadly armed car robbery are responsible for two other bay area heists. yesterday they targeted a loomis armed truck. one suspect was killed and the other was wounded in a shootout. pinole police officer was shot and wounded but it's not clear who fired the bullet that hit him. police are trying to determine if the two men are also responsible for an armed takeover of an armored car facility in santa rosa earlier this month. in this case, two masked men followed employees into the service building and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. another law enforcement source tells the san francisco chronicle that the two brothers may be linked to the may 25th robbery of a brinks armored car
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outside of a bank in richmond. >> they have ended the deployment of homeland security uncovers san jose. they launched operation community shield to battle an increase in gang violence. through june, san jose had 14 gang-related killings compared to 6 for all of last year. since june, officers have made more than 300 arrests, 70% of them gang-related. police say they plan to continue their collaboration request the mayor's task force. >> we've got mist and drizzle out there. caribbean has a full-fledged hurricane going. >> how about that. we'll have details on irene, major category 3 and how it will hit the coast, not once but twice. a trough of low pressure. that is what we see and cooler weather that is bringing it in to our neighborhoods.
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let's talk about the drizzle, a lot of moisture out there. >> temperatures are running mild because of the clouds. 50s and 60s. 50s along the coast and up in into the north bay valleys. by the afternoon hours, 90s. antioch, cloverdale, 89. we'll see temperatures mid to upper 80s in east bay valleys. 80 in san jose. 70s around the bay shore. oakland, 71. mid to upper 60s around half moon bay and san francisco and richmond. around monterey bay, clouds for monterey. increasing sunshine, low to mid-70s and mid to upper 80s with gilroy and morgan hill. day two of the cooling trend and probably the last day of the cooling. a small warming trend for saturday, sunday and had monday before more cooling next week. >> good morning. >> good news if you are heading out to newark this morning, northbound 880.
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earlier accident, that is now cleared out of the lanes so traffic is moving smoothly both directions of the nimitz, as well. take a look at drive times, heading out to south bay, 87, nice. >> loan tree way, coming out of livermore, to 680 dublin interchange, just about half an hour. quickly let's take a like quik look at the tolls, metering lights remain off. metering lights are off. >> just ahead, getting californians back to work. the new proposal governor jerry brown will call for that could give businesses a big new incentive to keep jobs in the golden state. vote coming today that could move california a big step closer to banning the death eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei
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a state assembly committee will car senate bill that calls for replacing the death penalty with life in prison. they approved the measure last month sponsored by a assembly person from berkeley. they believe the death penalty costs too much. they argue that california has spent $4 billion on 13 executions since reinstating the death penalty in 1978.
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if it becomes law they would close down san quentin's death row. >> governor jerry brown will unveil a tax proposal he says had l create jobs by changing the tax formulas. los angeles times reports the plan would add new sales tax exemptions for companies that manufacture products and hire people here in california. the new corporate tax plan is being proposed less than a week after california's unemployment rate went back up to 12%. governor brown needs to gain support from at least two republicans in each house to get the plan passed into law. 6:15 and mike is here with a look at forecast, mist and drizzle you have to drive through? >> there is a lot of it. the mist and drizzle will then we'll start to see it dry. clouds will be more stubborn as how quickly they filled the east bay valleys. as we look into the east from vollmer peak and berkeley hills back to mount diablo. let's talk temperatures, still
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in the 50s everywhere except for along the coast and north bay valleys. upper 50s, mid to upper around the monterey bay. low clouds, fog and drizzle in your neighborhoods also. sunshine means or cooling trend that begins yesterday will continue today. cloudy tonight, look for more drizzle through tomorrow's commute. and small warming trend for the weekend. as far as highs, compared to average, still warmer in the east bay valleys. livermore 2 degrees warmer. 3 in oakland. 6 degrees shy of average in redwood city. sun will set at 7:49. clouds are everywhere this morning, watch out they continue to push to the east, inland i should say 9:00 and pull out of the inland neighborhoods by noon but hang around the bay itself. they don't completely move from the bay until about 2:00 in the afternoon.
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coast will stay mainly cloudy until you get down to santa cruz. south bay, low 80s in most areas 80 in san jose. could be warmer, los gatos, 85 degrees. then we hit the mid-70s to lower 70s as you head northbound on the peninsula. low to mid-50s around the coast. downtown san francisco and sausalito, mid to upper 60s. mainly upper 70s to low 80s in the north bay valleys. clearlake and ukiah, mid 90s and 59 in bodega bay. richmond and berkeley, upper 50s for you, low to mid-70s for rest of the bayshore, fremont at 78. we'll have antioch and brentwood flirting with 90. everybody else in the mid to upper 80s. mid to upper 80s gilroy and morgan hill. monterey about 65 degrees. as far as tonight's game at at&t park, 61 dropping down to 58 degrees. during the overnight hours, clouds come in and temperatures will be cooler mainly in the mid
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to upper 50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, coolest weather tomorrow and then you see the warming trend for the weekend and into monday. more cooler weather next week. have a great day. >> good morning we're going to take a look south bay to the north bay. if you are traveling northbound 280, live shot headed towards cupertino area, no problems as we head up into the mid peninsula, let's take a look at san mateo bridge. we have taillights headed in the westbound direction, no problems from hayward to foster city. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been turned on. traffic is backed up to caltrans parking lot. a little bit of drizzle on the upper deck. southbound 101 past civic center no problems. looks good all the way through the waldo tunnel and across the golden gate bridge. we do have back to sun bruno, an
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accident just report. southbound 101, right at 380 intersection. there is a junction 380 blocking a lane. for all the latest including drive times, check our website at just about 6:19. from an oscar winner to latin jazz superstar. don sanchez has what's hot. >> jeff bridges won an oscar as country performer legend. now, he adds it to mountain winery friday night. ♪ >> in union square presents modern dances depicting korean history and food on saturday. >> the style that emerges rock and blues and modern flair. catch him friday night in mill
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valley. >> palo alto festival of the arts showcases fine artists with gourmet food in on downtown palo alto. >> pete escovedo comes to george's nightclub in san rafael. >> good guys, west coast nationals shows more than 3500 custom cars. art on four wheels at the alameda county fairgrounds. >> the reggae festival. arts and crafts at fillmore center plaza. ♪ >> they celebrate the impact of latinos in u.s. popular music. the rhythm and dance a major exhibition at the san francisco public library. what do you drive? still ahead the vehicles that are the hottest targ amamamamamam
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welcome back. it looks like car thieves tastes are getting more expensive. cadillac escalade is most probable to be targeted by crooks. six times more likely hit by thieves largely because of the pop culture popularity. pickup trucks are hot targets,
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ford 250 four-wheel drive. followed by the chevy silverado crew cab, ford crew cab and sierra 1500 crew cab. here is something for your twitter feed. more than a hundred new wards in the publishers newest edition, helicopter parents meaning those that hover over their children and boomerang child, those young adults that move back with mom and dad and broman referring to a non-sexual relationship between two men but of all the words, the president says he considers fistbump to be the biggest star. >> a battle that will come to a headed to. back peddling, police chief
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being removed as you see there a major development to keep a burning propane tanker from leveling a northern california town. flight arrival delays at sfo 71 minutes, baltimore, philly and laguardia. ú
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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time for business news, stock futures are mixed after the labor department released the jobs report last hour. [ bell ringing ] >> there is the opening bell. >> the number of people filing for unemployment benefits rose to the highest level in months, and news berkshire hathaway will invest $5 billion in bank of america. live to new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> this morning, traders may be focused on one specific stock, apple, for the first time in 21st century, the ceo isn't someone named jobs. many wonder what it means for the iconic company. terry mcsweeney joins us live from berkeley store.
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>> reporter: a lot of people are saying how stunned they are that he is stepping down. some are saying they kind of expected it. not leaving apple he will be the chairman of the board but no longer ceo, not running the day to day operations. he hasn't been running the day to day operations for years now. let's take a look at some pictures of steve jobs the man who has been described as a modern day thomas edison, man who runs the number one tech business in the world. he brought us the ipods, ipads and iphones. sit a health issue driving him away? there is month mention that he submitted yesterday. he is a cancer survivor. had a liver transplant but he only says he can't meet his duties and expectations as ceo. new boss is tim cook who has been acting ceo for the past eight months, in a rare interview back in 2007, jobs was asked at the launch of the first
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iphone what if there came a time when there was no next big thing in high-tech. >> we don't worry about stuff like that. we try to build products that we think are really wonderful and people might want. sometimes we're right and sometimes we're wrong. i think we're going to hit on grand slam with this. >> he has been right far more than wrong. big excitement at the store of the grand opening last weekend. tim cook the new ceo has been running day to day operations for years. he has been fulfill role of ceo for steve jobs since he went on medical leave back in january, he did it a couple of other times when jobs took medical leave. stocks are up 8% this year with tim cook in the role of ceo. they are down in overnight trading, down 5%, $350 a share.
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most experts are saying they have enough in the pipeline to keep going for quite some time. they seem to be quite confident of tim cook. we'll have to see what happens next. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." we're following breaking news out of libya this morning. reuters is reporting that rebels say that moammar khadafy surrounded in a cluster of apartment buildings in tripoli. just yesterday, they offered $2 million reward for anyone who captures or kills the dictator. breaking news, reuters reporting that rebel forces believe they have found and surrounded fallen dictator moammar khadafy in tripoli. we'll continue to monitor developments and bring you more information as we get it. >> this morning, more than 4,000 evacuees in placer county are headed back to their homes after
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fire crews managed to snuff out a massive propane tanker fire. they say the tanker fire essentially burned itself out but there is still propane inside the tank. to make sure it doesn't re-ignite. crews plan to shoot water on the tanker for the next few hours. here is a live look at the scene. can't see any evidence of water being sprayed on right now. fire officials say there is no longer a threat of explosion but it's still unclear how the tanker car nationally caught fire on tuesday. -- initially caught fire. >> oakland's school board needs to find a new interim leader. >> that firestorm at last night's school board meeting after a sergeant was promoted to interim chief. several members of the public
6:35 am
would upset over the promotion because of his involvement in the deadly shooting of a 20-year-old man in january. he was cleared of any wrongdoing in that case. >> why would you do that? why would you enrage. >> when the chief resigned you have to move up somebody. it was just a natural order of progression that you move up the highest ranking officer. >> the school district needs to fill the chief's job following the retirement of pete sarna. he made racist remarks about fellow police officers during a charity event. >> a state assembly committee is scheduled to vote a bill that would ban shark fins in california. they would forces stores to empty supplies of shark fins by the start of next year.
6:36 am
san francisco state senator also opposes the bill. they say sharks are mute lighted by fishermen who amputate the fins and toss the live sharks back in the ocean where they often die. check in with mike with a look at the forecast. is you can see a gray start to the morning and including some mist. >> a lot more than there was yesterday. a deeper, cooler air mass has taken over our neighborhoods. a trough of low pressure off the west coast that is bringing the winds on. pushing those storms from yesterday well to the north and away from us. big story will be the drizzle for the next couple of hours. flight arrival delays is creating at sfo and cooler weather it will bring us. winds aren't too bad but stronger than yesterday. out of sfo, 7 miles an hour. fairfield, 17 miles an hour so you can see the funneling effect take place.
6:37 am
temperatures are warmer along the coast and into the north bay but south bay and east bay, it's a little bit cooler than we were yesterday morning. puts all of our temperatures in the 50s and 60s and cloudy through 8:00. noticed by noon we still have a lot of clouds around the bay while inland neighborhoods are free and full of sunshine at 70s to even 83 in antioch. oakland and san francisco in the 70s. 57 in half moon bay. 4:00, clouds are back at the coast. mid-70s around the bayshore with upper 70s in the south bay and north bay. mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. cooler tomorrow before a slight warming trend. >> flurry of activity just recently we got an accident upper deck of the bay bridge, it looks crowded. just before treasure island blocking two lanes. you can see traffick is bunching up to the toll plaza. a stall stall, it's been cleared out of the right lane.
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a little slow traffic as you head up to the high-rise towards the westbound direction. in millbrae an accident southbound 101 at 380 has just been cleared. fire department is on the scene. it's on the shoulder, so no significant slowing as you make your way up from the airport from the peninsula into san francisco. let's take a look at public transportation, bart, muni, caltrain, no delays out of the central valley on ace train and ferry is good way to go. a little slower because of the fog. sue, thank you very much. >> nation's most watched investor makes a huge announcement. more live from the new york stock exchange. live look on the big board, dow is up 56 points. >> plus, silicon valley woman that forbes now says has more power and influence than either the first lady or oprah. >> and new technology that could make your next visit to sfo a
6:39 am
little less revealing. >> what did barry bonds the night before a big court appearance? he has a hearing today. we'll show you where he turned up last night coming up.
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welcome back. coming up on 6:43 this morning, we have nothing on live doppler 7-hd. much quieter than yesterday and temperatures will be hotter in the central valley. mid to upper 90s through sacramento and yosemite. 100 in fresno. 118 in palm springs. 90s in l.a. 76 in san diego. clouds and drizzle in eureka and 84 in tahoe. >> bay area tech executive has topped michelle obama and oprah on the forbes most powerful women list. sara sandberg came in number five in the 2011 list while michelle obama slipped to number eight and oprah came in at number 14. germany's chancellor merkel topped the list followed by hillary clinton. in total, six bay area tech
6:44 am
leaders and local politician made this year's list. facebook ceo cheryl sandberg is number five. google's serviceer is number 16. oracle president, was 40th. house minority leader pelosi number 52 and twitter vp katie jacobs was 56. we posted a link to the entire list on our website at apple shares and bank stocks getting a lot of attention on wall street this morning. bloomberg top reporter watching the response there. >> good morning. i don't know, i don't have to tell you the rock star that steve jobs is to investment business. he is resigning at ceo and stock
6:45 am
is lower this morning. down far less than what was looking like, down about $8 right now. and huge rally in financial shares. bank of america surging right now, it's up about 17%, citigroup also up about 7-8%. what is going on billionaire investor warren buffett announced that they are going to invest $5 billion in bank of america 50,000 preferred shares. this is seen as a huge vote of confidence in the bank. we've got stocks higher overall even though stocks were lower based on the news of steve jobs. dow right now, up about 40 minutes, s&p 500 and nasdaq up, as well. bloomberg index, that is lower. if you are considering an electric car but worried about running out of power, they say
6:46 am
that aaa has roadside assistance for electric vehicles. they have 10 to 15 minutes of charge time free to aaa members. overnight forecasters issued the first hurricane watch for the outer banks ahead of hurricane irene. meantime, irene arrived in nas saw in bahamas this morning and they have reports of damage, including two homes that have been completely destroyed. here is more. >> reporter: hurricane irene is coming and it could pack a real punch. forecasters say the storm could gain strength as it barrels toward the east coast likely making landfall as a category 3 hurricane as early as saturday. >> irene's winds spread out over
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400 miles. more than 65 million people live in its path along the east coast. >> federal government top emergency official is urging residents to get ready now. starting early this morning, there is a mandatory evacuation order for okakoke island and residents say it can be dangerous on the barrier island. some residents say they plan to ride out zblory i think it's important to recognize if if f you choose to stay, you can't then expect emergency services to come to payer aid. >> residents on staten island are getting ready for the potentially heavy rain. >> preparations are along the massachusetts coast. >> if it makes landfall in the northeast it could be the biggest hurricane since bob came ashore in new england in 1991.
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>> mike is here with a look at our forecast. irene moving into the bahamas. >> it's going through a trance important makes right now as it tries to reestablish the inner eyewall. wind speeds will pick up this afternoon. that is why the forecast is calling for it to intensify from a major category 3, to a category 4 later today and more likely tomorrow as it heads right up the east coast and land then it could become a tropical storm by the time it rolls into new england sunday evening. very interesting track. we'll keep a track on that for you. let's fake a step outside, santa cruz you can see it this morning it will be cloudy there through the better part of the afternoon and low to mid 70s. it will be nice day. few areas along coast we see sunshine today. temperatures in the 50s and 60s
6:49 am
once begin. 50s in the north bay valleys. san francisco and coast, 50s elsewhere. monterey bay and inland, cloudy and foggy and patchy drizzle we are dealing with this morning. also creating a flight arrival delays into sfo. cooling trend continues today. first highlight, cloudy and more drizzle for tomorrow's commute and small warming trend during the afternoon hours. 24-hour temperature change, everybody going negative, two degrees in oakland, concord 4 and fremont 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. let's go with exception, brentwood and antioch in the 90s rest of the valley in the 80s. berkeley and richmond, upper 50s for you and upper 70s to low 70s snouth bay, los gatos a at 85 degrees. 80 in loss a al toss and low to
6:50 am
mid 70s for most of the peninsula heading to the coast low to mid-50s for you. mid-50s to upper 50s downtown san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s through the north bay valleys. 50 at your coast and 73 in santa cruz to the 80s is you head to the inland valleys around the monterey bay. >> at some time the coolest afternoons we lose another 2-4 degrees. warming trend will last through saturday through monday. have a great day. >> new developments on bay bridge, back-up behind the toll plaza there. caltrans workers have a good view of that back-up. accident is westbound, upper deck, blocking a couple of lanes. very crowded on the upper deck. walnut creek, southbound 680 as you leave walnut creek. it's moving but no significant accidents there but just a lot of cars on the roadway this morning. 580 westbound out of central valley tra tracy on and up over
6:51 am
the altamont pass. let's take a look at drive times for you out of antioch, towards concord about half an hour drive. we told you 580 commute. a little over half an hour and 238 from 580 to 280 a nice four minute drive for you this morning. go to -- i'm sorry -- is the place to go for all your traffic details, click on bay area traffic. >> that is important. good get that in. >> a skate park under 580 is set to be demolished today. skateboarders said they tried to work with caltrans and city to keep it open but they can't afford the $35,000 month lease caltrans wants. emeryville officials says the city doesn't have the money for the upkeep. they transformed a run down area into a place the community could be proud of.
6:52 am
this was a prostitution spot and junkie when we came in. we cleaned up for a long time. did a lot of sweeping and lots of garbage bags full of trash. >> they say dozens of people use the park every day. caltrans says unless the city can maintain the park it will be torn down. >> airport security officials will be getting a less revealing look at passengers at san francisco international airport. new software is being installed in the full body scanners which until now displayed nearly naked images. it eliminates the picture of the passenger but shows a generic body outline. >> no longer do we have passenger specific but one generic image that highlights anomalys on the person. the tsa has stepped up the
6:53 am
use of scanners after a nigerian man tried to detonate a bomb hidden in his underwear aboard a flight two years ago. we capping top stories this morning, a new era begins for apple. ceo steve jobs stepped down from the top job yesterday and many are wondering what that means for the silicon valley giant. terry mcsweeney is live at the new apple store with more for us. >> reporter: the man who brought us ipad stepping down. sit a matter of his health? what about the company, what about investors in that company. take a look at man who built the number one tech business in the world. steve jobs synonymous with ipad and iphone. in his resignation letter he says he can't fulfill his expectations as ceo and still chairman of the board at apple but he has had cancer. he had a liver transplant two years ago. didn't mention anything about
6:54 am
health problems in his letter. new ceo is tim cook, former chief operating officer. he has been the acting ceo since january when jobs took some medical leave. he is been running day to day operations. stock is up 8% since he took over the role. but right now stocks, they dipped to $352 a share and they are back up to $369 per share. so far this morning as of right now. it's hard to say what is going to be happening throughout the day but the initial reaction to wall street, apple can continue as it has been as an incredible force in the world of business. there is enough in the pipeline, iphone 5 coming out soon. for the top story of the morning comes from amy hollyfield live
6:55 am
in san francisco. >> federal courthouse where barry bonds has a big court hearing today but before he faces the serious business of courted, he had a little fun last night. barry bonds was among all the fans watching his former team play. it's rare for him to make an appearance but he looked like he was in a good mood. he held up a baseball. he'll be in a better mood if things go good in court today. he would like his conviction to be set aside. he was convicted because of what he told a grand jury. he gave a long answer to one question and prosecutors called it evasive. but his defense attorney says his excessive rambling is not against the law. when asked a judge to set the conviction aside. he has another dark cloud, three perjury charges that resulted in a hung jury in april. prosecutors are still deciding whether they are going to retry him on those charges.
6:56 am
it is possible they could announce today in his court hearing what they are going to do. >> checking other top stories, this morning, thousands of evacuees in placer county are back home after fire crews allowed a fiery propane rail train to burn out. they say there is still propane inside the tank so firefighters will keep a close watch on it and continued to spray water on it for several hours after the fire burned itself out. time for a final check on weather and traffic. good morning to you. we have clouds and drizzle, flight arrival delays of 72 minutes at sfo. flight tracker at 50 degree temperatures except along coast where where we have upper 50s. clouds hanging around until noon around the bay until 2:00, hanging all day at the coast. 50s at the coast to near 90 in
6:57 am
antioch. >> good news, westbound bay bridge, accident is cleared but the damage remains behind the toll plaza, it's jammed into the maze about a men minute delay if you are coming in. taking a look at mass transit, everything on time except for ice, ice train number three on time. they say number five is 5-10 minutes delayed. bart is looking good. >> thank you for joining us for the abc morning news. time for local update at 7:this. please join us for midday news at 11:00. have a fabulous day. wewewewewewewewewewewewewewewew'
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